Volunteer’s View – 31st March 2018

Graham Clarke reports on activities which took place last weekend:

Last Saturday at Barrow Hill cleaning and painting wheels carried on. Thanks to Geoff and Steve.

Power Unit 451 had the main output shaft stripped out. Dave having adapted a puller to remove the gear from end of the output shaft. This then allowed the generator flange to be pulled out of the phasing gearbox and the seal housing removed. We are now investigating new seals and the condition of the shaft the seals run on. The shaft is worn to a degree and may need machining to give a suitable sealing surface. Modern technology will also be investigated, because sealing technology has move on a lot since the seals were fitted in the 1970s. Leaks are common with the existing seal design and it causes oil to get into the main generator, which is very bad for the insulation. Steve removed the hoses inside the triangle for replacement that can’t be accessed unless the phasing gearbox or scavenge blower is removed. Thanks Dave, Pete, Mick and Steve.

Mike and Stuart carried on preparing 19 to receive newly lagged silencers. The bellows that connect the exhaust collector drum to the silencer were compressed ready to have bars tack welded on the outside to make them a loose fit when the silencers and roof are in place. It’s nearly impossible to fit them otherwise. One of the bellows also had the build up of oil and carbon removed by burning it out. It’s the only way that works. Thanks to Mike for the photo and to both him and Stuart for their help.

I completed the cable clamps for the flexible conduits that go to no.6 traction motor terminal box. This means all of the electrical work underneath no.15 is now completed ready for bogie fitting. There are a few mechanical jobs to do as described last week. Before the bogies can go under the loco when they are completed.

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