Volunteer’s View – September 30th 2017

The latest report from Graham Clarke…

Time for an update on progress at DPS Towers at Barrow Hill. Over the last couple of weeks 55019 has been completed to a point where it’s ready to go to the Bluebell Railway for our 40th Anniversary Celebration’s. More work will be needed over next winter on the exhaust system and internal painting. Hopefully, it won’t be of the intensity experienced this year. It’s been too much at times.

Stuart, Chris, Geoff, Bob and Mike completed running checks and the ‘C’ Exam for now. The loco’s also been fully bombed up with oil and coolant for D9009 as well as 19.

Geoff has worked his magic with the polish and it’s hard to tell that 19’s cabs and noses have been painted and the body sides haven’t. Amazing!

Further work on power units was done by Beth and Nigel last week.

Pete’s been busy rewiring no.2 end cab lighting circuits on 55015.. This is now well advanced apart from a minor fault that’s causing a fuse to blow at no.1 end and a disco light show among the instrument lights. Hopefully, it will be easy to find and fix.

Thanks very much indeed to all those who have worked so hard to get 19 ready, progress 15 and help with the successful Barrow Hill reopening event.

And 15’s silencers have arrived from the repairers this week. They are looking good now.

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