Volunteer’s View – 30th April 2018

Another report from Graham Clarke:

News from the DPS at Barrow Hill: on Saturday, work continued on 55019, completing exhaust lagging, working on a compressor and installing 2 new auxiliary voltage regulators. These control the output of the auxiliary generators that run the compressors, blowers, vacuum exhausters, fuel pumps and battery charging, 55009 is in for a C exam ready for railtour duty, work carried on on power units. PU 451 got new internal hoses and work towards fitting new main output shaft seals. 55015 had more work done on no.2 cab electrics and these are nearing completion. There are still a few minor bits to deal with following a run up of 55019 late on.

Thanks to Mick, Dave, Pete x 2, Steve, Chris, Stuart, Ray and Mike.

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