Volunteer’s View – April 30th 2017

Another report from Graham Clarke:

It was another very productive day at Barrow Hill.

55019 had the compressors refitted following nose floor repairs and painting. Thanks to Stuart, Adrian and Steve.

Ray and John dealt with finances and some very important paperwork for Companies House. Thank you very much.

Geoff topcoated 55019′s nose top doors on the inside and primed a main generator air duct. Thanks Geoff.

PU 430 had further work done on injector pockets, including removing and servicing one that did not want to come out for several weeks. The second half of the main generator fan was also removed after a bit of a fight and a soft mallet. Everyone had all their fingers afterwards as a bonus. Thanks Beth and Nigel.

55019′s silencers also received, shall we say a high temperature clean. Thanks Howard and Mya.

On D9015, Pete got the no.1 cab lighting working and I finally got the rewire of the no.2 start control contactor almost completed. I have a 2BA terminal screw missing (people have been saying it for years) otherwise I would have finished the job.

Thanks once again to everyone for your invaluable help.

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