Volunteer’s View – July 28th 2018

An update from the Deltic Preservation Depot at Barrow Hill last weekend, by Graham Clarke.

The main job on Saturday was reassembling the axle boxes for 55015’s bogies that were dismantled a little while ago so the axles could be checked for cracks. This is done on a 3-yearly basis. A big thanks to Dave G for driving back up to Barnsley to collect a torque wrench so we could do the axle boxes. Also a welcome to new volunteer Ken Brindley who helped Dave and Mike and enjoyed himself.

The axles are now almost ready for final assembly of the bogies. The rear axle box covers need the nuts torque tightening, but we need to buy a special type of spanner to fit on the 1/2 inch square drive on the torque wrench for this. There is also a little more cleaning of old lubricant from the gear wheels to do, but not very much.

As well as the axle boxes, Geoff completed painting the wheels and cleaned many flies from the noses of D9009. They don’t half stick!

Nat and James continued working on the cab of 55008. I carried on connecting traction motor cables to the reverser. After struggling last we I found that the routing of the cables under the control cubicle was not ideal, so with Geoff’s help the cables were pulled back a rerouted to avoid them crossing over each other and stretching some of the control wiring because of the size of the heavy traction motor cables. Al the big stuff is now on the floor under the cubicle and lying neatly in the clamps where these are fitted for the cables to no.3 traction motor. Unfortunately, I had to shorten 3 cables I had already crimped, involving much hacksawing, grappling with the hydraulic crimper and a sore right shoulder today.

Dave G finished off fitting a replacement horn to D9009 and it now sounds as flat and tuneless as normal. Darrell was also busy sorting sales items.

The next working party is on Thursday.

A big thank you to everyone for their support on Saturday.

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