Volunteer’s View – January 28th 2017

Graham Clarke’s update:

At Barrow Hill over the weekend, it was power unit work for Beth and Tom, as well as taking the engine air intake filters out of 19 for a clean.   They are not too bad, much to my surprise.

8′s cab got further attention to its parts to make it look presentable from Neil and Nat.

Geoff completed assembling the engine room step structure on 15 and began preparing a nose top door from 19 for welding and repainting.

Peter carried on rewiring 15′s no.1 cab lighting.  I carried on with rewiring the no.2 end start control contactor and control air pressure switch.  The latter stops the locomotive taking power, if there is not enough air to operate the the big air operated motor and ETH contactors at that end of the loco.  Some of the wires go through the middle of the cubicle, just to make it interesting.

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