Volunteer’s View – August 26th 2017

Graham Clarke is back…

I’ve not posted anything for the last two weeks, due to being on holiday. Last Saturday at Barrow Hill, 55019 had the old boiler compartment painted out by Bob, Martin and Steve. It looks good now. Thank you.

Geoff and Mike cleaned the dust off of 55015 ready for the Barrow Hill grand reopening event. It looks totally different. Thanks to you both.

Nat, her boyfriend and Darrell worked on items for 55008′s cab, including the swanky recovered seats. Thanks very much.

I hosted a visiting member in morning and then tested and started to fit a new high water temperature shut down switch to 55019. Although it’s a new switch, it’s been in stores for well over 30 years. So, I tested it about 10 times for tripping and resetting temperature. It is accurate and repeatable. It might be a little low when it resets, but I am satisfied it performs properly. Teddington Controls build good quality switches and you can still buy the same design all these years later!

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