Volunteer’s View – February 25th 2017

Graham Clarke writes:

Yesterday at Barrow Hill were: Steve x 3, Pete x 2, Mick, Tom, Beth, Nigel, Mike and I.  Thank you very much for your hard work.

To summarise things, the following took place.  PU430 is now ready to have the generator removed (there’s a bit of logistics to that with splitting stands).   PU417 had work done to remove and refurbish main generator brush boxes.  The NRM unit had more stripping done, ready for separating B cyli…nder bank.

Old boilers were liberated and put in a convenient place ready to go to a collector.  TULYAR’S old complete and working when removed boiler has been retained.  it’s not likely we will put a boiler into any of the locos again, because there is no extra revenue available from doing it and steam pipes will also need replacing, due to corrosion.  Also, D9009 has radio equipment in the space now, hopefully D9015 will be the same one day and 55019′s steam pipe will be shot and need changing.

Further wiring work was done on D9015′s no.1 cab lighting, with most of the new wires now pulled in.  I completed looming up where wires have been replaced that go from the low air pressure switch (ACG2) to the far side of the no.2 cubicle.  You can fit cable ties one handed, but my hands and arms were tired yesterday, so I’m glad it’s done.

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