Volunteer’s View- March 24th 2018

Another digest of happenings at Barrow Hill from Graham Clarke:

On March 24th at Barrow Hill, the overhauled wheelsets continued to be cleaned and primed. They still need the axles and wheels crack testing and I’m working on a supplier as our usual man has retired. Thanks to Geoff and Bob.

Stuart and Adrian (Adrian also helped me) worked on preparing 19’s centre roof panel. They cleaned it and carried out a bit of edge straightening ready to take new high temperature sealant and the silencers with revised lagging. Thanks.

Pete carried on finishing the no.2 end lighting wiring on 15.

With Adrian’s help, the flexible conduits were fitted properly to the no.1 end traction motor cables on 55015. With much cutting and filing, I made and fitted the clamps and clamping plates to no.1 end. That means that end is now fully completed. The other end should take less than an hour next Saturday. Thanks Adrian and to Geoff for making the new hardwood clamps.

All that’s now left to do underneath is get the coupling hooks refitted when they have been crack tested at a time the guy is on site for other work, repair two damaged limit stops and replace the manganese bearer pads when the loco is lifted.

Thanks one and all. I was well pleased with the progress made last Saturday

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