Volunteer’s View – Saturday April 22nd

Another report from  Graham Clarke:

It was another very productive day at Barrow Hill.

Beth and Nigel made good progress with getting the main generator off 430.  Thanks both.

Geoff did his usual miracles and undercoated 19′s nose top doors, boiler area roof framework and the newly re-skinned underside of the centre roof section.  Thanks Geoff.

Pete carried on with sorting out the no.1 cab lighting on 15 and it should be ready to go next Saturday.  It’s difficult when you don’t have the wiring plans and you have to knife and fork everything with a continuity tester and only a schematic diagram to work from.  For the rest of the loco we have the full information, which makes it easier to some extent.  Thanks Pete.

Mike greased 19′s bogies and checked tightened the traction motor suspension tube cap bolts.   They tend to sometimes work loose.  I examined the traction motors and changed 26 out of 72 worn out carbon brushes.  It just shows how much use the loco’s had.   I’ve never done that many in one go before.  I finished off a hard day’s work examining the bogies.  There are couple of small jobs to sort out when the pit is free again.  Thanks to Barrow Hill for the shunt, Sheaf Engineering for clearing the pit and a greasy Mike for all the help.

Thanks also to Ray for bringing the armature support bracket he’s had made for removing the generator from 430.

I went home happy for doing a good day’s hard work, but I did ache all over and my hands got a few nips from the brush compression fingers.  The come keen when they snap shut on your fingers.

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