Volunteer’s View – May 20th 2017

Another report courtesy of Graham Clarke….

At Barrow Hill 55015 took a major step forward. The remaining 6 traction motor cables were pulled into the conduits under the no.1 end of the loco and routed to the right locations in the control cubicle. This took a major team effort and could have been much more difficult than it turned out to be. Good preparation, cleanliness and purpose made lubricant made a difference. It was very gratifying to photograph everyone in front of the loco, lights on and job done. A huge thank you to Bradley, Pete, Bob, Tom and Mike.

Elsewhere, Geoff was painting nose top doors and fitting them with new seals. Thanks Geoff.

Nat and Neil were beavering away refurbishing no.8′s cab. Thanks Nat and Neil.

The photo shows the team who helped pull in the cables. In the middle are one of our longest serving volunteers and our newest; Mike and his grandson Bradley. Truly amazing and hard to fathom how fast time passes.

I’m going to now refit the motor terminal boxes, terminate the cables and connect it all up. Once the draw gear is stripped and checked and the bearer pads are changed. The loco will then be ready to take its refurbished bogies when they are finished.


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