Volunteer’s View – February 18th 2017

More from Graham Clarke at Barrow Hill:

It was a productive day last Saturday at Barrow Hill. 55019 had it’s no.1 end traction motor blower air intake grills removed and further cleaning and rubbing down of paint work at the other end. The grills from no. 1 end and the surrounding body work are in much better condition than the other ends were and only a small amount of welding is needed in the corners of the body side apertures. It’s well worth catching it now, before it gets worse. The grills will also look better for being stripped and repainted. Thanks to Stuart, Adrian and Tom.

Geoff continued working his magic on 55019′s nose too doors. They will need welding in the corners, because corrosion has pushed up the corners and that lets the weather in, leading to corrosion in the nose end. This is a particular problem at no.2 end, because it does not get coated in a film of oil like no.1 end does. The vacuum exhausters for the vacuum brakes tend to give off an oil mist that stops the worst of any corrosion at that end.

I had a bit of a tedious morning with Ray sorting out and starting the forklift, although we now have a decent battery charger for it. And I patched up a Dewalt drill, a professional tool that you can’t easily replace the motor brushes on. How ridiculous is that?

I did manage to replace a P24 wire on 15 that had been extended with a crimped joint on the S4 starting contactor interlocks, remove some redundant wires and loom most of the wiring around the train heating (ETS) contactors that I had to take to pieces over the last couple of weeks. Hopefully, I won’t get side tracked so much next Saturday.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered last Saturday.

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