Volunteer’s View – March 18th & 25th 2017

A double report from Graham Clarke:

A double bill this week, covering yesterday and the previous Saturday.

Power unit work has continued over the past two weeks, including some Sunday and Midweek work. A lot has been done on refitting overhauled injector pockets and exhaust system cleaning. Some preparatory work has been done towards taking off 430′s old main generator, but this needs another armature support bracket. The supplier has ransom ware on their computers, so I hope there are no delays. Thanks to Beth, Nigel and Tom.

Stuart removed all of 19′s old exhaust system lagging. There a lot of it! He also painted some of the framework around the no.1 nose air intake grills and got the area ready for welding. Thanks Stuart.

The compressors and no.2 nose were degreased and steam cleaned, ready for welding and painting. Thanks to Ray and Mike. They also did a quick trial of traffic film remover and steam cleaning the cab roof and nose. It worked quite successfully and a quick polish will make the loco look decent, but used.

On ‘TULYAR’, the no.1 cab lighting rewire is nearly ready for testing and it should be up and running by next Saturday. Thanks to Pete for doing this work. I’ve now finished the rewiring of the no. 2 control cut out low air pressure switch and removed the bad wiring from the no.2 start control contactor. One of the inline crimp repairs came apart while I was removing the old wiring, just to illustrate why I’m changing it. I also cut and temporarily marked the new wires ready to fit next week.

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