Volunteer’s View – February 17th & 24th 2018

A round up from Graham Clarke:

This is a synopsis of the last two weeks at Barrow Hill.

Refurbishment of the buffer mountings, the aluminium packing pieces and cowls has continued thanks to Geoff, Ray and Steve. The packing pieces need attention. One is ok, 2 are cracked and one is scrap. The scrap one has been replaced and the cracked ones will be welded.

2 air tanks been fitted to no.2 end by Chris.

Mike has completed both 15’s compressors, including washing out the intercoolers and moisture drain valves.

Power unit 451’s phasing gearbox is now ready to come off thanks to Pete, Dave, Mick and Mick.

Howard and I have completed fitting no.3 traction motor terminal box and are working on the last set of cables to no.1 terminal box. Missing parts were a problem, but I eventually managed to find enough parts.

Midweek 19 had is silencers and roof removed, lagging taken off, silencers put back on to check for a good fit and finally everything taken off. Thanks to Darrell and his team and HNRC for helping get this important job done. As we thought, the lagging is much too thick and will need remaking.

Alex and I have completed our Personal Track Safety training, hence I was not able to report last week.
Thanks again to you all.


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