Volunteer’s View – July 14th to 21st

An update from Graham Clarke covering the recent period:

A Deltic progress update from the last two weeks at Barrow Hill.

Two Saturday’s ago work was focused on 55019 and getting it ready to go to the Spa Valley Railway. Stuart was busy on one power unit’s radiator fan gearboxes changing the oil. I found a spare route indicator light switch and replaced a faulty one that would not turn off.

I also removed a bearer pad from under 55008’s cab to act as a sample for 8 new ones to go under 55015. These act as a wearing part between the locomotive body and the bogie bolster that can be easily replaced. The old ones are very thin and need replacing. I’m going to get the metal analysed to find out its grade, so that I can have some replacements made from a pattern. Work carried on cleaning the gear wheels and painting the wheels. Thanks Stuart, Adrian and Steve.

Work also continued on 55008’s cab with Nat, Beth and Nigel working away on interior parts, painting and repairs to the route indicator box. Thanks.

There was a midweek working party on Thursday. An attempt was made to lift the tread plates from the floor of D9009’s engine room floor to allow cleaning and painting. Unfortunately, the screws would not budge. The cleaning and painting of the wheel sets for 55015’s bogies continued. Thanks Darrell, Bob, Martin and Mark.

On Saturday, 55019 had most of an A Exam completed and attention to a couple of damaged and loose brake pull rod safety brackets. These act as secondary retention to stop the pull rods dropping off in the event of them becoming detached from the brake levers. The loco was also partially cleaned. Thanks to Howard, Geoff, Beth and Mike.

D9009 has attention to a defective horn from Dave and Nigel. The parps and other farty noises were hilarious and the cause of much banter and toilet humour! I think the musical career is on hold, but thanks. Dave also struggled with the tread plate screws to no avail.

Work carried on on the cab of 55008 and thanks go to Nat, James and Nigel again.

Geoff carried on painting wheel sets. Hopefully, once Mike has refitted the axle end plates next Saturday and with some final cleaning of the gear wheels, they will be ready for Sheaf Engineering to start final assembly of the bogies!

Darrell worked on sales and I made a start crimping terminals onto 55015’s new traction motor cables. It was hot and very physical work. Both factors won in the end and I’m going to need help next week to reroute some of the cables. They are crossed over each other under the no.1 control cubicle and might be too long. I hope not. It’s difficult to cut them in situ.

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