Volunteer’s View – Saturday October 13th 2018

A report from the DPS depot by Graham Clarke:

It was a quiet day at the Deltic Preservation Society Depot at Barrow Hill on Saturday. I was on my own for part of the day until Darrell arrived to dismantle some scaffolding to allow the cab of 55008 to be moved to access a bogie parked behind it. Thanks Darrell.

I spent the day cleaning out our inspection pit. It was a bit untidy to say the least.

During the week Ray organised for new light to go up outside the main depot entrance and down the pathway to our mess cabin and office. It’s makes fumbling with keys to the Depot much easier in the dark! A number of electrical items received safety tests at the same time. The previous week it was forklift repairs to our diesel machine that had a battery charging fault. Thanks Ray.

On Thursday I took delivery of an overhauled traction motor and an auxiliary generator from Sulzer. Thanks to them. The forklift worked perfectly and it didn’t rain on me for a change! The traction motor is a spare one to support mostly D9009 in the event of a failure. The auxiliary generator will go onto one of our spare power units ready to go into probably 55015.

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