Volunteers View – May 12th to 19th 2018

Graham Clarke writes:

A round up of the last couple of weeks at Barrow Hill and the SVR.

The previous Saturday was spent mostly on completing work on D9009 as part of an annual C Exam. One bogies worth of brake blocks was changed and cab painting continued. Thanks to Dave, Pete, Mick and Steve.

Also, the new seals were fitted to the phasing gearbox belonging to Power Unit 451. It’s now ready to refit.

Geoff carried on painting wheel sets. Thanks.

Ray and I sorted out a crane that was working the wrong way. Three phase is a pain for crossed phases, not helped by people swapping plugs with limited knowledge. It’s now okay.

Monday and Tuesday was spent minding 55019 on footplate experience duties at the SVR. Great company with Stuart, Darren, interesting participants and many old friends.

Yesterday saw Geoff and Steve cleaning and painting wheel sets. 3 done, two in progress and one not started. Pete was finishing off no.2 cab loco lighting wiring. I was varnishing a traction motor terminal board that was tracking to earth and sorting out rivets for the new inner jacking point doors.

Thanks to you all.

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