Volunteer’s View – August 11th 2018

Another report from Graham Clarke…

It was back to work at Barrow Hill last Saturday after a very enjoyable weekend at the Spa Valley Railway the previous weekend. I was impressed with the Spa and their young team. It’s really good to see that and I’m keen to encourage them in taking the railway forward.

It was quite busy, with the area around the bogies for 55015 being cleared ready for final assembly to start this week and the axle boxes being painted by Steve and Geoff. Mike was busy with the diesel forklift moving stuff around. Thanks.

Outside, Nigel and Beth were working away on the cab of 55008 making it look much better. Hopefully, it may be possible to move it inside in the future. This would make it much easier to care for and develop as a visitor attraction. We’ll see how the idea develops.

Ray was tinkering away on depot bits and pieces as well as reviewing health and safety documents with Mike. Thanks Ray.

Alex and Pete also popped in for a chat about plans for working parties on 55015. I’ll provide more details as the plans come together for the final push to completion of this mammoth project. There’s a picture with this post of the two measured (OK), crack tested and painted draw hooks all ready to fit to 55015.

I managed to finish off connecting cables to the reverser in 15′s no.1 control cubicle. It’s really not easy to pull large cables about in confined spaces, but with a bit of help from Geoff I managed to get everything where I want it. I’ve also routed the cables that go on the back of the generator cut-out switch and I’m now much happier that everything will connect up without straining some other more delicate wiring or trap a large cable and make it too short to reach where it goes to, which is why I needed Geoff’s help. Hopefully, I’ll manage to finish both cubicles next Saturday. There are 4 cables left to cut to length (if they need shortening), strip off the insulation and crimp on the connectors.

The midweek crew of Bob, Mark, Martin and led by Darrell have been busy taking up the tread plates, cleaning and painting the engine room floor of D9009.

The final piece of work was Geoff polishing one side of D9009 to add to the work he’s done to nose ends over the last few weeks. I have to say that it looks stunning! Thanks Geoff.


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