Volunteer’s View – March 11th 2017

Graham Clarke’s report from last Saturday:

At Barrow Hill were Steve, Beth, Darrell, Nigel, Tom, Pete, Ray and I. Thanks to you all for your support.

Much power unit work was done, including finally working out between us how to change the output shaft seals that are in the phasing gearbox at the point the output shaft leaves the gearbox and becomes the connection to the driven end of the main generator. The generator does not have a back bearing it uses the output shaft bearing that is just behind the seals. This arrangement is known as overhung and it’s quite common on diesel locomotive power units. The difficult part is that the phasing case needs removing from rest of the engine to get the shaft out. It has a gear pressed onto the end of the shaft that is only accessible from the back of the gearbox. The gearbox and main generator will be removed as quickly as possible in the next few weeks, so that samples of the seals can be used to source new ones. I hope they don’t have to be made, but we shall have to see. See the cut away of the shaft assembly. The seals are item 17.

Elsewhere I helped Pete with the layout of the lighting wiring in 15′s no.1 cab. It’s a bit of a puzzle.

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