Volunteer’s View – March 10th 2018

A report from Graham Clarke:

At Barrow Hill last Saturday, we picked up the reins after the AGM the weekend before.

Exhaust lagging was measured up and checked against a silencer. This will allow the new lagging bought for 55019 to be reduced in thickness and adjusted so it will fit without pushing the silencers out of alignment, which was the problem with 55019 last year. Thanks Mike and Darrell.

Stuart worked on a heavy service of 19’s compressor cylinder heads. They have not been done for some time and the loco was struggling to get wind up. Thanks

Bob and Chris worked on fitting air tanks. They made an ingenious modular table to help role the large air tanks into place in 15’s noses Thanks.

Steve carried on cleaning up behind 15’s buffers. Ray returned two repaired aluminium sandwich pieces that fit behind each buffer. They had become cracked over the years. There function is to crush in the event of a severe impact. Aluminium is a fairly soft metal compared to the steel buffer and buffer beam. Thanks to you both.

Pete carried on finishing the replacement of 15’s number 2 cab lighting wiring. Thanks.

I completed soldering on the final two traction motor cable end connections and put the conduit fittings in ready for fitting the conduits on Saturday. Thanks to Steve for holding the cables while I soldered on the ends. Leather gauntlets are needed to cope with the heat that travels up the cable, but you still get hot.

Ray pottered around doing bits and pieces of depot work and Darrell was also doing bits with his sales stock. Thanks.

You will also see a picture of 15’s old couplings, which are the outer ones on the pallet. We would like to raise funds from them. They are far too worn to use, but they are the originals from the last northbound train (The Deltic Scotsman Farewell) hauled by a BR Deltic out of King’s Cross on 02/01/1982. The couplings May never return to King’s Cross, but with enough funding from opportunities like this, I am determined that 55015 Tulyar does.

Thanks for all your support.

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