Volunteer’s View – February 10th 2018

Another update from Graham Clarke:

Yesterday at Barrow Hill, work continued on 55015 and power units. 15’s buffers came off last week for overhaul and new springs. Thanks Tom and Geoff. New couplings arrived midweek thanks to Darrell. The old ones are 1982 originals, but are badly worn.a fundraising opportunity perhaps?

Power Units 430, 451 and 417 received attention. 430 and 451 are having their phasing gearboxes prepared for removal. This is to facilitate changing the main output shaft oil seals and hoses inside the triangle of cylinder blocks that are completely inaccessible otherwise. Oil from leaking main output shaft seals damages main generator insulation and the hoses are a ticking time bomb leading to a steamy failure and a power unit change! Thanks to Pete, Mick P, Mick C and Steve.

One of 15’s compressors was completed and is nearly ready to go in. If the crane will reach, this could be next week. Thanks Mike.

Bob and Mark worked on sorting out and preparing air tank fittings. This is a fiddly job that saves masses of installation time. Thanks

Martin and Ray did some foundation work under our mess cabins to facilitate the building inspector. They also helped with the air tank work. Thanks.

I fitted the end connections to 3 new cables going to 15’s no.3 traction motor. I was well chuffed, but running late yesterday.

Thanks again to you all.

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