Volunteers View – September 10th & 17th

Graham Clarke updates on a couple of weekends at Barrow Hill:

An update on the last couple of weeks at Barrow Hill. Work has focused on 55019. It now has both sets of nose air intake grills fitted and the noses painted. Thanks to Stuart for his sterling work on this major task.

Thanks to Bob and Steve for cleaning out the boiler area. It was very dirty on the floor and that’s why the exhaust silencers are being modified to provide better sealing where the exhaust gas passes through the roof. The original design is woefully inadequate and leaks oil into the engine room.

The winter exam is proceeding to its conclusion with help from Chris, Mike, Beth, Nigel and Tom. Thanks.

I’ve now completed the calibration on the coolant switches. The no.2 high water temperature shut down switch was way out of calibration. The switches obviously need checking regularly and it’s not in the maintenance schedule. It was probably done on works attention. I also need to add a reliable and quick way to cool the switches to my test kit.

More work has been done towards replacing the no.2 cab lighting wiring on D9015. Thanks Pete.

Last Saturday, Mike and Geoff tidied up and cleaned the depot ready for the reopening event for Barrow Hill.

Separately, I went to York and supervised the delivery and fitting of new auxiliary voltage regulators for D9009. These work really well and replace the very tired original carbon pile ones. There is a small issue to sort out with the mounting of the new AVR, because it is fitted to part of the load regulator than is hinged and swings out of the control cubicle. The new unit catches on the side of the cubicle when to try to swing it out. It needs moving forward on new brackets.

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