Volunteer’s View – Saturday October 6th

Graham Clarke is back from his travels:

It’s been a little while since my last update from the Deltic Preservation S Depot at Barrow Hill. I’ve been away on holiday photographing trains in Southern California. The trains are bigger there, much longer, heavier and more locos. The scenery is also spectacular.

Anyway, that’s enough from overseas. The office upstairs in the second floor cabin now has a new worktop without a superfluous water heater and sink. We already have one in the mess room downstairs. The double door filling cabinets are in place and two tables are coming to work at. Finance, engineering and volunteer records are going in steadily. Thanks to Ray, John, Mike, Dave and Geoff.

The cab of ‘THE GREEN HOWARDS’ is now looking tidy in green primer. Thanks to Nat, Beth, Nigel and James.

15 now has the couplings back in and new split cotter pins to lock the huge 4” across fixing nut in place. While they were out, the hooks were checked for wear and professionally crack tested. Everything is in good order. Thanks to Pete, Steve, Dave G and Mick.

Dave and Pete also looked at a damaged thread in the casting where the engine coolant temperature probes fit. It’s going to need a replacement thread putting in or an oversized dry pocket fitting. Thanks. Yesterday was partly with Pete and Hairy Steve planning for working parties on ‘TULYAR’ and sorting out ready for that. It’s exciting to think about increased progress and the possibility of loco completion.

Steve was busy painting buffer beams and inside jacking pockets. Thanks.

Ray’s also been busy on forklift maintenance, depot electrical maintenance and lifting tackle.. All stuff that goes largely unnoticed, but is essential to the safe operation of the depot. John has also obtained new safety banners and display banners. It’s a big visual improvement.

If I have missed anyone or anything, then I apologise in advance. I’ve not been around.

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