Volunteer’s View – January 6th & 13th 2018

Graham Clarke reports:

It’s overdue time for an update on progress at The DPS Depot at Barrow Hill.

Over the last couple of weeks Geoff has worked his magic on 15’s draw hook and various other parts that go into the buffer system behind the hook. It’s basically a stack of steel plates with rubber pads in between to absorb the shock loads that occur as the loco pulls or gets pushed by the coaches and all the changes that go on in between. Everything is in good fettle apart from the coupling chains and it’s pivot pin. These are distorted and badly worn. They may still work for fundraising as they are original from BR day’s.

Bob, Martin and Steve Smed have moved the fitting of air tanks on quite a lot. It’s all the pipe work that takes the time to sort out. The tanks under the traction motor blowers are now in and piped up. The blower stand is in at no.1 end and ready to fit at no. 2 end. Chris welded a bracket for the drain tap at no. 2 end to the floor last Saturday. Geoff touched up the tanks last Saturday, because they get scratched going in.

Mike has been working on the remanufactured fuel tank connections as well.

Working with Adrian and Pete last Saturday, I think we have finally found a combination of conduit fittings and plastic pipe that will fit in the tight space where the motor cables come through the floor and go to no.1 and 6 traction motor terminal boxes.. There is plenty of space on the inside, but EE made it as tight as a you know what. It just needs the pipes finishing to length and putting together.

Elsewhere, 19 has had the silencers and centre roof section disconnected ready to come off. We need to sort out the fit of the silencers to the engines and the lagging which does not fit, because it’s too thick. This is why 19 was on one engine last year. The roof’s coming off a week on Saturday to sort it out.

Thanks very much to everyone who has volunteered. And I need to thank Steve who beavered away on nothing in particular, but it is a huge help nonetheless.

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