Volunteer’s View – 5th August 2017

Graham Clarke was at Barrow Hill again…

Last Saturday at Barrow Hill Stuart and Geoff fitted the no.1 end nose air intake grills. Thanks both. This is a difficult job.

Beth, Tom and Nigel worked on moving the disconnected (nearly as it turned out) main generator away from PU430′s engine. Unfortunately, there’s still a bolt stuck between the two. This will have to be sorted out next weekend. Thanks to all three of you.

Thanks to Bob and Steve for their sterling efforts with the cleaning and painting of 19′s boiler compartment.

Ray started making space to unload and erecting another A-frame crane. This will help me use our rail trailer to get a repaired main generator back into the depot and a spare traction motor and an auxiliary generator away for overhaul. Cheers Ray.

I completed adding an air cooling coil to my coolant probe test set. It works well by blowing compressed through it and is much better than waiting for the coolant in the test pot to cool naturally, which takes ages. I used the kit to test one probe repeatedly and it needs the trip temperature lowering by 1c.

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