Volunteer’s View – May 5th 2018

Graham Clarke reports on events just before RHF’s departure to the Severn Valley Railway:

On Saturday at Barrow Hill, the main job was completing 55019 ready to leave for the Severn Valley Railway. Working with Beth and Stuart that meant curing a compressor that wouldn’t compress, fixing blowing fuel injectors and for me altering wiring looms to fit the covers to the new voltage regulators. It was all a bit fraught, but it got done by 20:00 last night. As it turned out the compressor had the non-return valves in the top of the cylinders assembled the wrong way around, the injectors got sorted fairly quickly and I struggled with the cable clamps, but got it done in the end. Just to make my day, 19 had an electrical hissy fit and wouldn’t power up its auxiliary equipment at no.1 end with no.2 engine running. I managed to sort that out fairly quickly. It was a dirty set of interlocks on one of the contactors.

Elsewhere in the depot, Geoff, Steve and Bob carried on preparing and painting the overhauled wheel sets for 55015. While Mike prepared the axles for ultrasonic crack testing this week. The axle end plates were removed and grease purged. Apologies for missing this off version one of this post.

Outside, Neil, Nat, Nat’s boyfriend and Nigel carried on refurbishing the cab of 9008. The nose end was primed among other things.

Thank to you all.


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