Volunteer’s View – June 3rd 2017

Another report from Graham Clarke:

Last weekend at Barrow Hill work carried on and it was another productive day.

Beth, Nigel, Ellouise and Tom worked on PU430. It’s coming on steadily and the main generator should be removed by the end of June. The phasing gearbox will then need to come off to get to the main output shaft oil seal. This is being done, because a 30 plus year old oil seal and a spanking and very expensive overhauled main generator are a really bad idea. Oil wrecks the insulation of the main¬†generator pretty quickly.

Neal, Nat and Ellouise did more work on the cosmetic restoration of D9008′s cab. Thanks to you all.

Stuart and Bob carried on with work on 55019. Most of the body filling around the cab and nose is now done and primed. Bob cleaned and refitted the engine a ir filters and 1 set of generator air filters. They others will get done in a couple of weeks. Geoff applied further top coats of paint to the nose doors and the underside of the boiler compartment roof. Thanks Bob and Stuart.

On 15, Pete more or less completed the rewiring of the no.1 cab lighting wiring and made a start at the other end. Mike mostly completed fitting pipe work to the engine room walls. Steve our contract fabricator made further progress fitting inner jacking pocket doors. They are going to look great when they are properly fitted. Thanks.

I spent the day trying to find a lost propane torch and didn’t, much to my annoyance. I did sort out a fix for 2 fuel connections that are broken and some damaged roof drain adaptors that have fallen apart and are stopping the drains being piped up. At the end of the day I successfully soldered on some traction motor cable ends as a trial on some off cut 185mm squared cable. It’s taken me a long time to get hold of the right type of flux cored solder. Plumbers’ solder melts at too high a temperature and so does the modern lead free. I just don’t want to go lead free, because it’s too much of an unknown. It’s not even that green, because of the metals like silver that are damaging to marine life. I’ll stick with old technology that works and has for well over a century.

Thanks again to all our brilliant volunteers!

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