Volunteer’s View – February 3rd 2018

An update on activities at the DPS depot on February 3rd from  Graham Clarke:

A story of success and failure. Unfortunately, the planned removal of 55019’s centre roof panel and exhaust silencers did get done. Barrow Hill had kindly arranged for us to use Rampart’s ‘A’ Frame crane that was not tall enough to manage the lift. Thanks to Barrow Hill and Rampart for their assistance. We are now looking at other options when we will have a crane on site.

A start was made on preparing another compressor to replace one motor n 55019. One of the installed ones is worn out and the piston rings are blowing by. The symptom is emulsified oil that looks something like mayonnaise (that’s made by emulsifying egg white and vegetable oil). The cylinder heads were taken off to clean and check the valves and cylinder bores. Everything looks okay. Th the existing motor will be serviced and reused, as the ‘new’ compressor does not have one.

A full day’s work was done on our spare power units, particularly starting to remove the phasing gear case from unit 451. This is to allow the replacement of the main output shaft oil seals and coolant hoses that are inside the triangle of cylinder blocks and can’t be replaced any other way. The existing ones are getting on for 40 years old. We have lived on borrowed time for too long.

Inside 55015 more work was done to replace the no. 2 end lighting wiring. Underneath, the flexible conduits to no.6 traction motor connection box were completed, the 4A Cable had the nipple soldered on and the no.4 traction motor connection box was fitted. No.2 end is now completed.

The exhausters for 55015 were also cleaned ready to fit and work continued on sorting fittings and installing air tanks.

55008’s cab was worked on and sales stock was organised.

A big thanks to Pete S, Steve P, Jon D, Mick C, Martin E, Steve N, Dave G, Mike H-R, Geoff B, Adrian N-G, Steve M, Bob N, Stuart P, Chris H, Pete V, Darrell M, Nat M + one and I hope that’s everyone. Sorry, if I missed anyone. Thank you very much indeed for your hard work. 19 people contributed in total, which is probably a record for a single day.

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