Volunteer’s View – September 2nd 2017

Another report from Graham Clarke…

Last Saturday at Barrow Hill was very successful.  Stuart and Geoff fitted the no.1 end nose air intake grills.  Thanks, it looks complete now. A new volunteer (I am lousy with names, sorry) bolted down the boiler roof.  Thanks, see you again soon.

Various fuel system and engine work was completed on 55019 and the spare power units by Beth and Nigel.  At the end of the day 19 was run up for a few minutes to check for leaking fuel injectors and all was ok.  Thanks.

Mike completed all the greasing jobs and checked the radiator fan gearbox oil levels on 19.  Thanks Mike.

Nat plus one worked on the seat bases and the cab of 55008 generally.  I’m impressed with the paint finish.  Thanks to you both.

I completed the coolant temperature switches at no.2 end of 55019.

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