Volunteer’s View – July 1st 2017

Two reports from last weekend, firstly Graham Clarke:

Last weekend at Barrow Hill it was mostly all hands to 55019. Ray did some work on the depot as a follow up to a recent fire inspection. The fire doors need the floor marking keep clear.

Mike and Nat stripped off the axle box covers, axle end plates and purged out all the old grease. The axle end plates were then put back on to keep out debris. Thanks both. The axles are being crack tested next Friday, as they are every 3 years.

Nigel and Beth carried on changing fuel injectors. The boots out the engine room window while your working on top of the engine was funny. Thanks to you both.

Stuart carried on preparing the cab and nose sides for painting.

Darrell worked on fitting new silencer lagging. Some’s got to go back for alterations, which is a real pain time wise. Thanks Darrell.

Tom carried on with various jobs from the annual exam job sheet. Thanks Tom.

Pete and I checked over and cleaned the electrical machines and switchgear. No.1 main generator was rather oily for some reason, so it took a fair bit of cleaning to get it to an acceptable state. Thanks Pete for for your help.

And from Bethany Marsh:

Down at Barrow Hill last weekend and all attention on 55019 in preparation for the running season. After leaving Nigel to sort the injectors out on his own last week while I went to a productive board meeting I went to keep an eye on him today. Nigel focused his attention on connecting up number one engine of the injectors that he’d changed the week before.

As normal I was running round after him for parts which later in the day he already had but didn’t see, well didn’t even look for after me telling him where they are. I managed to start disconnecting the injectors on number two engine. By the end of the day number to engine has one set changed and connected back up with the other two to do next week.



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