Volunteer’s View – September 8th 2016

This report by Graham Clarke on the repairs undertaken to 55019:

I went Loughborough, where I’ve temporarily fixed 55019′s fried traction motor blower wiring.  It will need a new terminal board over the winter, because the terminal lug that burned out has damaged the terminal board and the terminal stud is loose.  It’s OK for now and the connections are tight.

It was difficult to get at and it wasn’t comfortable leaning in to get at the motor wedged between the blower fan cowl and the fire bottles with one foot on the compressor frame.

The job involved:

1.  disconnecting the damaged connections ; 2.  cutting off the insulating tape inside the motor to expose the field connection and disconnecting it ; 3.  Pulling out the old wire to the terminal box ; 4.  Pulling the new one in and connecting it to the field coil ; 5.  Soldering on the connecting lug to the new wire at the end that bolts to the terminal in the terminal box – this was really difficult, due to the design of the lug, which is terrible and is probably why the failure happened in the first place (the solder runs out and I am not an expert soldering with a flame) ; 6.  Bolting the terminals up to the power supply cable ; 7.  Re-taping the field connection and varnishing it to seal out damp ; 8.  Running up the loco and checking the blowers are working properly, which they are.

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