Volunteer’s View – September 5th & 12th

A report on activities over the past two weekends from Graham Clarke:

I’ve spent the last two Saturdays stripping parts off the traction generator on power unit 419.  It was changed at the NYMR in the early years after a very bad flashover.  The damage is so bad, it’s unlikely the generator will ever be used again. There’s a deep hole in the armature coils at one point and the starting winding’s insulation is badly damaged.  This was caused by some of the armature coil retaining bands coming off after the flashover and ripping up the insulation in the process.

The parts are needed to complete the overhaul of a spare generator to go on power unit 451.  This came back in pieces after the VSOE contract was cancelled.

The spare generator is from power unit 415 that is completely stripped.  It is with Sulzer Dowding and Mills for a quotation to complete it to full mainline standards.  A lot of work is already done, but there is still a lot to do.

You’ll see the main terminal bars, terminal boxes, end plate, inner and outer bearing retaining plates, shaft end plate and the old bearing in the attached photos.

Thanks to Tom, Beth and Darrell.

Steve also spent time last Saturday cleaning out a nose end on 55015 ready to take the overhauled air tanks.

The traction motors are also completed and ready to come back when people are back off holiday.

The rebuild of 55015 is really gathering pace now.  With enough funding a return to the mainline is a tantalising possibility.  We are working on it, but we need support -  if you’d like to donate, the please CLICK HERE. Thank you for all the generosity so far.


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