Volunteer’s View – September 17th 2016

It’s been quiet at Barrow Hill today with just new volunteer Peter and I there. Most others were Epping and Ongaring.

One of 15′s traction motor blowers had its terminal box finished properly. I can see why it was mysteriously unfinished! Some of the wires are just too short to go over the terminals with the terminal board in place. They have to go on before it’s screwed in and there are 4 loose metal standoffs that go under the board and through which the fixing screws pass! They had to be glued to the back of the board to stop them falling off, otherwise it was impossible to fit them. Thanks Peter for fixing this.

After lunch we completed connecting up 15′s positive and negative auxiliary power cables and tested them for correct connection and insulation resistance. They passed the tests. The positive cables go from the battery isolating switch (BIS) to one starting contactor at each end the negatives form a ring between the BIS and the two negative bus bars. There is another large negative cable that goes from each negative bus bar to the second start contactor at each end. Another cable then carries on and becomes the main negative connection to each auxiliary generator. Now, both ends of the loco are connected together again and it will allow the many control circuits to be progressively reconnected and tested.

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