Volunteer’s View – Saturday January 7th 2017

Graham Clarke’s first report of 2017:

There were 14 volunteers at Barrow Hill yesterday. Darrell, Neil, Pete x2, Colin, Steve x2, John x2, Dave, Mick, Geoff, Mike and I. Thank you all very much indeed.

Work done was on spare power units, including the NRM spare made ready to remove the gearbox and separate the 3 blocks. I also talked to Pete about plans for power units to go into 55015.

19 got cleaned internally, silencer repairs assessed and boiler roof repairs discussed.

No.8′s cab received attention from Neil.

The lockers and kitchen plans for the new mess cabin were moved forward.

On 15, further work was done on the no.1 cab lighting wiring, air tank fittings were prepared for installation, engine room steps were worked on and more pipes were fitted to the engine room walls. I soldered a new Yorkshire fitting on an air tank moisture drain pipe for Mike towards the end of the day. A contractor also visited to trial fit foot step panels and jacking pocket doors. These look very good.

Darrell worked on sales and at the end of the day we reviewed the drawings for making new exhaust collector drums. There are two basic designs and hybrid versions between the two. I discussed this with Alex later and the possible ways forward. Exhaust collector drums are a long term source of problems and leak and crack due to the high temperatures and stresses it’s exposed to. This is why we need new ones. Better materials and design improvements may be needed.

Overall, it was a very productive day, but I got involved in all sorts of things I hadn’t intended. It was all useful, though, so it was all worthwhile.

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