Volunteer’s View – November 19th 2016

Graham Clarke has been at Barrow Hill again….

Saturday was spent working on 55015′s electrics again.  The no.1 end start control contactor is being rewired, because it has inline crimped connections in the wires leading to it.  It appears that both start control contactors were removed and the wires chopped off sometime after withdrawal.  The damage was repaired by John, Pete or Graham from Finsbury Park sometime in 1986, before 55015 returned to traffic at Butterley.

As the locos electrics are in pieces, now is a good time to replace the wiring completely.  The fewer connections there are, the better it is for reliability and it just looks bad on a potential mainline locomotive.  The other start control contactor will be dealt with from next Saturday and the light switches above the driver’s head in each cab are also being rewired for the same reason.  Thanks to Tom and Howard for their help on Saturday.

Geoff worked on cable tray covers and engine mounting feet.  Sean steam cleaned them whilst he was cleaning the radiator compartment of his Class 37.  Thanks to both of you.

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