Volunteer’s View – May 30th

A report from yesterday by Graham Clarke:

There were only three of us at Barrow Hill today; Steve, Mike and I. We still made major progress though. D9015′s fuel tanks are done and have been water tested today. It’s a lot less messy than diesel, if there is a leak and there are none at all. The tanks will be left filled up for a while to make sure everything is definitely ok. Well done Mike for a job well done.

Steve and I put the recently delivered and ready to fit air tanks onto pallets and put them in the stores for temporary storage. Rebuilding of the nose ends will start shortly. As part of sorting out the tanks, we also tidied up the area around the front of the stores and the workshop. In the process we found something incredibly rare; a clean, tidy and empty workbench! I’m sure it will end up like a bomb site very quickly. Why would you put your rubbish away when you have finished work? I’m not grumpy about it, honest. I also fixed the leaking (no not smoking) gun on the steam cleaner.

It was a good day today. Thanks Mike and Steve.

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