Volunteer’s View – May 13th 2017

This weekend’s report from Graham Clarke:

Yesterday at Barrow Hill Were Pete x2, Mick, Geoff, Mike, Stuart, Martin and his daughter, Adrian and Ray later on. Thank you all very much for another very productive day.

19 had no.2 nose end completed, including fitting the fire bottles and completing the compressors. Thanks to Stuart and Mike.

Geoff carried on painting nose doors and other bits and pieces. Thanks Geoff.

Mick and Pete worked on PU 417, which is well on the way to completion. The main generator still needs some attention. It’s really difficult with it installed, so it’s best done now! Thanks both.

Pete carried on with no.1 cab lighting. Which more or less working, although the instrument light fittings have a problem with the bulbs not making contact. I think there are different types and the parts have got mixed up. Martin and his daughter put the blinds in the route indicator box. Thanks.

Ray sorted out and filled up the gas bottle cage. Thanks.

I finished off the replacement of the last spliced wire in no.2 control cubicle.

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