Volunteer’s View – March 17th 2018

Another report from Graham Clarke:

Last Saturday at Barrow Hill. Pete and the power unit team made good progress. He reports as follows.

Work continued on power unit 451. The output shaft seal has failed on the phasing case. This was allowing oil to past into the main generator. To resolve it, the phasing case has to be removed allowing us to replace the oil seal. The hoses will also be replaced in side the triangle. Thanks Steve, Dave, Mick x2 and Pete.

Mike worked on cleaning the overhauled wheelsets ready for final crack testing and then painting. The final assembly will then take place. Thanks Mike.

Stuart carried on with the overhaul of the cylinder heads on 55019’s compressors. The second one was much cleaner than it he first. Thanks Stuart.

Pete carried on with the no.2 cab lighting wiring in 55015. Thanks Pete.

I managed to cut and fit the conduits for 55015’s no.1 traction motor cables between the nose floor and the terminal box. I’ll assemble it properly and fit the gland nuts next week. Once the new clamps are in place, that’s the underside electrical work completed. There is s small amount of mechanical work to do to the bogie rotation stop pads before lifting and the pads the loco sits on top of the the bogie on that carry its weight need changing during the lift to fit the bogies. I hope to see no.15 on its bogies during the summer.

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