Volunteer’s View – June 2nd 2018

Graham Clarke reports on a busy time at Barrow Hill preparing D9009 for the Albert Gilmour Memorial Charter:

It was all hands to D9009 yesterday. Preparations continued for the railtour in two weeks time and completion of the annual ‘C’ exam. Pete and Martin on Friday, Mick, Alex and I were all very busy. Good progress was made. The radiator grills were bolted down after radiator cleaning last Sunday by Ray and Darrell. The tyres were measured and the underside equipment checked by Alex. The coolant priming pump was repaired. Numerous other jobs were done throughout the day. I checked the traction motors and cleaned them internally. After that I repaired the flexible conduits to no.1 traction motor terminal box. One was broken at the fitting and another was loose. Parts are a problem, because you can no longer buy imperial sized conduits and fittings. Finally, I tested a suspect contactor in the auxiliary power system. Intermittent faults can be difficult to diagnose and fix. In this case no fault was found. It now looks like dirty interlocks may be a source of any fault.

Down at the Severn Valley Railway, 55019 had its brake blocks changed by Stuart, Geoff, Adrian and Mike

Thank you very much for all the hard work put in over the recent days.

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