Volunteer’s View – June 10th 2017

Graham Clarke’s report from last weekend….

At Barrow Hill on Saturday it was power units for Steve, Pete, Tom and Beth.  I helped remove the main generator later on.  It’s now separated by about 1/4″.  It will get moved out of the way on another day to make room for removing the phasing gearbox.  Nat was generally helping out, doing bits towards 8′s cab and talking to me a bit about engineering careers.

Geoff was busy painting nose top doors and other bits and bobs around 19.

Adrian and Stuart were working away gettin…g 19 ready to take the refurbished nose grills and doing other bits of bodywork around the cabs.

The load regulator performs a similar function to the gears in a car, but it’s electrical as is the loco’s transmission of power from the engines to the wheels.  Steve N and I spent a very interesting couple of hours with his micro ohm meter checking 15′s load regulator resistance values against the specified values in the Workshop Overhaul  & Service Schedule (WOSS).  It was really interesting to see values coming out within the specified limits.  15 worked ok before it was stopped, so this gives some confidence.  A formal recorded test will take place in a few weeks.  This will help with D9002, which does not apply power in quite the way it should.

Beth and Nat have also posted more details about the weekends work on the power units.

19′s silencers have also been modified the same as D9009 by adding a sealing flange below the roofline to stop oil and fumes entering the engine room.  Once it’s all drilled, sealed and bolted up It works a treat.  The original design should never have left the drawing board.  Thanks to Sheaf Engineering.

Ray and Mike also called in during the day.

Thank you everyone for another very productive weekend.

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