Volunteer’s View – December 3rd 2016

Graham Clarke spent another day working at Barrow Hill:

It was a successful day at Barrow Hill on the 3rd. The Roundhouse had an event on; Brake Van rides and the like. The site was busy as a result. Colin, Geoff and I were there, with Ray appearing later in the afternoon bearing gifts of track screws and tools, mostly donated to BH. A contractor also made a start on finishing off D9015′s foot steps and jacking point doors. That’s the last bodywork job to complete the re-skin.

More cable tray covers were fitted, further roof drains were fitted, Geoff found and dealt with a couple of missed dirty rusty bits in the corners of the engine room and I mostly finished rewiring the no.1 start control contactor. It will be done next week. Things are moving now towards completing D9015.

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