Volunteer’s view – 25th October

Another report courtesy of Graham Clarke:

We got a fair bit done today at Barrow Hill. Steve carried on removing crud from under no.2 nose (and a dead bird!), Geoff worked on engine room door frames, Darrell prepared some pipes from the spare power units for painting, Tom carried on deep cleaning voltage regulator terminal bars (and the cover off the ex Crepello one) and I spent the day changing old cables at no.2 end.

I need to get a calibrated insulation tester that I know is accurate, because it’s proving difficult to get insulation readings up to a good standard. Even deep cleaning does not appear to make much difference. EE just did not do enough to keep the oil and carbon from the engines out of the electrics and it’s taken its toll on the equipment. The situation is reasonable at best. My intention remains to achieve the standard set in the ex works specification that BR worked to. It remains to be seen how much more wiring a equipment will need replacing. Fingers crossed!

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