Volunteer’s View – 1st April 2017

Graham Clarke reports on Saturday:

Saturday at Barrow Hill it was a major tidy up part one.  The container was emptied of redundant display cases, pit covering boards were moved from the stores to the container and two pallets of spare crankshafts were put on the racks where the pit boards came from.  Thanks to Mike and Steve.  Mike also lifted down a spare auxiliary generator armature for me.

An auxiliary generator is away for overhaul with Sulzer at the moment and it’s armature is in poor condition and woul…d cost a lot of money to have rewound.  The old one will be kept for potential use on a preserved line only basis.  The interpole coils may still have to be rewound, but the bill won’t be as big as it could be.  The generator will go on power unit 430 that’s being reactivated.

This problem highlights that we are now having to use our ‘crown jewels’.  It also shows just how much better we need to get and at fundraising, so we can reinvest in our assets for the long term future of our locos.

Power units were worked on by Beth, Nigel and Tom thanks to them.  Injector pockets are going back together, exhaust manifolds are now back together after decarbonisation and a coolant flow switch has been fitted.

Ray and Hutch worked on our health and safety management system and moved the signing on point to near the depot entrance.  Thanks, it’s much better.

On 15, Geoff worked on the cab ceiling where the lighting fuse box goes and Pete worked on checking the new lighting wiring and fitting the light fittings.  Thank you for your efforts.

Adrian took the nose air intake grills off 19′s no.2 end and fitted a missing bolt to the no.2 traction motor blower.  Thanks.

I terminated one end of the new no.2 start control contactor wiring and fitted two of the wires.  Once the other 5 are in I’ll cut them to length, terminate them and connect up the contactor.

Thanks to everyone for a good day.

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