Volunteer’s View – Saturday January 14th 2017

An update from Graham Clarke:

At Barrow Hill last Saturday, it was another productive day and the Xmas Raffle was drawn by Debbie and Tom.

A start was made in 55019′s no.2 nose compartment with Adrian and Stuart removing the top compressor and one nose top door.  The doors and the floor need attention to corrosion and wear and tear.  Debbie mostly removed one of the nose end grills that needs refitting.

Peter carried on with the cab lighting wiring in the no.1 cab of 55015, while Mike worked on air tank d…rains again in no.2 nose compartment.  I started replacing spliced wires in no.2 control cubicle around the start control contactor.  There is more to do than I thought and fiddly taped wiring looms to undo.  What a job it is, but it has to done.

Steve the sheet metal contractor also came again to look at the foot steps and jacking pocket doors on the other side of 15.

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