Volunteer’s View – 11th & 18th October

The following reports are provided courtesy of Graham Clarke:

Saturday 11th October

We’ve been back at Barrow Hill today after last week’s SVR Gala.  So it’s been muck shifting under 15′s no.2 end for Geoff and Steve (thanks very much).  Tom’s been helping me with the electrics by cleaning the filthy no.1 auxiliary power automatic voltage regulator.  I’ve been chasing poor insulation readings in the battery system wiring.  All of the wire B1 wiring at no.2 end is being replaced as result.  Plain wiring on insulated terminal boards should not show poor insula…tion readings, but it is, so it’s got to go, although it looks OK.  It’s old age I’m afraid.  I suspect Wires B+, B2 and B3 may go the same way. B2 goes from end to end.  Thanks Tom and Mike for hoovering the engine room floor.

Saturday 18th October

It  was the Board Meeting today.  We mostly talked about exciting plans for next year!  You’ll have to wait to find out what they are.

In the Depot, Tom Payne‘s been cleaning voltage regulators.  Beth and Melvyn have been working on our spare power units.

Later in the day, I made up a new cable and fitted it to the panel that has most of the switchgear for the auxiliary machinery at that end.  When I tested it, I’ve found more odd insulation readings.  I think I may end up rewiring most of it, because it’s not going to last.  If I do, then I’ll also do the other end.  A sparky’s work is never done!  I apply the if it ain’t broke don’t fixit principal to the others for now.

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