Volunteer’s View – Saturday 21st January 2017

Another report from Graham Clarke:

Saturday at Barrow Hill was very busy. The volunteer signing on sheet was completely full of signatures! This is a great turnout and I won’t try to name everyone, because I’ll miss someone. Thank you all very much.

Summarising the work done:

Power unit 417, which was last used in D9009 in 2003 and failed with a broken C bank camshaft drive gear, was successfully barred over. It was thoroughly checked over first and well lubricated. It was tight to start with, but went with some careful levering of the crankshafts.

55019 had the second compressor and no.2 end fire extinguisher cylinders removed to facilitate nose floor repairs.

55015 had more work done on the no.1 end cab lighting wiring and the no.2 end start control contactor and control air pressure switch wiring. Old wiring with inline crimp repairs is being replaced.

Power, light and heating requirements for conversion of the old power unit store to a display area were also discussed with one of the volunteers who is an electrical contractor.

It was a very productive day and a credit to all involved.

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