Successful outing to Tweedbank


D9009 heads towards Stow on the Borders Railway on April 9th. Photo courtesy of Jack Beeston.

What a fabulous day it was on Saturday. I’m very pleased with how D9009 performed and looked. As always there are a few niggles, some visible and some on the inside. I need to test some electrical equipment as the loco tended to shut the other engine down when the second one started. Every Deltic I’ve seen does this sometimes and it’s a pain in the you know where.

It was good to see many old friends and meet some new people too. I’ve also enjoyed seeing the many line side photos and videos. Thanks for sharing them.

Meanwhile, at the depot: Geoff, Mike and Deborah Stokes (first visit) carried on work on no.15. Geoff undercoated the generator air intake ducting and stripped the paint off the panel on the back of No1 end Route Indicator box. Deborah and myself cleaned out, vacuumed and wiped both cabs plus located missing floor panels and fitted them, both floors are now complete.

Thanks very much to everyone for their support in so many different ways. The smiles make it worthwhile. Boy was I knackered yesterday mind you!

Graham Clarke

The pictures below show D9009 at Edinburgh and then at York after completing the tour.





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