Trainz Tips & Tweaks

Trainz is the most friendly simulator game ever where the user can modify any route to their own personal tastes. Track is a good example with so many different variations it’s just a matter of picking a new type and clicking replace all and only takes a few seconds. Trees is another example where the user may want to use some highly detailed payware trees which can be replaced using the same method.

Locomotives also can have different adjustments via the content manager. Want a Deltic sounding like Western well you can but, would you want to destroy the most perfect sounding locomotive in existence?

All the tweaks shown here will be very simple and won’t need any computer skills but just a few minutes’ worth of time. It will reward you with more enjoyment of the route.

Below are a few tips to make your ECML better and your Deltics perform correctly. Please visit this site regular over the next months to see more enhancements. It is expected of you to have the basic understanding how to download content from the DLS by setting up your Trainz correctly and by reading the manual that comes with the game. A more in depth manual is also located in your Trainz folder. Program files/ N3V Games/ TS12 / extras / Documentation

Deltic performance 
The Deltic model spec is correctly set to act as a real locomotive but it’s very important that the coaching stocks used with these Deltic models are slightly modified. Most coaches are set to use a generic specification of a freight wagon. So if your Deltic won’t go above 80 mph its because you’re hauling a very heavy freight train disguised as a passenger train!

Most locomotives on the DLS have incorrect engine specs so will also need setting up. The main reason for this being quite a new concept of routes having gradients. The ECML being one of the first. If your other locomotives are just for AI’s (artificial intelligent) to drive then you don’t need to set this up.

Warning: If when opening the content in the below instructions an additional question regarding the content being out of date is shown please cancel the operation as this model will not then be shown in the game.

1 – Connect to the internet and open Content Manager and search using the keyword – BR Mark1 Coach Enginespec . Drag this file into the downloading space on the left hand side and click the start button below.

2 – Once downloaded select which coaches you would like to work correctly with your Deltic by taking a note in surveyor of their names.

3 – Open the content manager and by using the search option find one of your vehicles.

4 – Right click on the coach listed on the right side of the page and click edit / open in content plus. Open this full screen.

5 – Find the Enginespec listed on the left hand side and click the button shown. This will bring an extra box up. Cursor down to find the BR MK 1 Enginespec and press select.

6 – Close the content manager down ( CM ) by clicking on the red cross top right of the screen. A box will come up saying would you like to save before quitting. Of course please say yes.

7 – Do this to all your set of stock for your Deltic and you are now ready to drive ! Leaving Kings Cross will still need your skill and if you wheel slip you will need to shut your controller off completely to throttle 0 before applying the power again. You will not hit 100 MPH till after Potters Bar as most of the way from the Cross is an incline of 1/200 so as of the real Deltic you are now the same.

Deltic cab
As you will probably have noticed the cab of a Deltic is very old and goes back to the UTC version of Trainz. It’s also a class 37 cab and the train brake is round the wrong way. Brakes released on a real loco are towards the driver, in this cab they are on. There are no plans of creating a new cab at present. But what may be of interest and can be adjusted to any locomotive is to remove the cab area and have a complete view of the road ahead as used in the DPS simulator.

This setting is built into Trainz so no internet connection is required.

1 – Open CM.

2 – Search which locomotive you wish to adjust and once found and on the right hand side of the screen open in content plus by right clicking and edit/ open in content plus.

3 – Select as shown Simulator cab.

4 – Close the content manager down ( CM ) by clicking on the red cross top right of the screen. A box will come up saying would you like to save before quitting. Of course please say yes.

The next time you open Trainz these settings will apply.

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