The Deltic Model

There is a tremendous range of Deltic models for the ECML which are available to download free from the download station ( DLS ) some are included with the Trainz 2012 DVD. Tom Cowan and Rob Thoburn released the original a few years ago but, with permission, ECML team member Tony whose screen name tmz06003 adjusted the locos models meshes. This is certainly the most enhanced and time involved locomotive to be available in Trainz. With help and advise from Stovepipe, 2995valiant and myself – napierdeltic ( or was it more of a hindrance) and hundreds of man hours later produced the final product. By example placing the 1976 version onto the track and each one after that will appear as a different loco number.

All the available Deltics have been produced from one model with different paint schemes and design changes. The locos can be downloaded by their different design years. Take special notice to the above picture with D9007 with its horn position in the nose, D9000 and the headlight and the loco on the right with the horns positioned on the roof.

The below picture shows one model and some of its variations that can be adjusted with steam heat, changeable headcode, domino or blacked, no ETH box, a variety of headboards and all have exhaust smoke.

The Deltic engine specification is prototypical of the real locomotives except for braking from 20 MPH and under. Any adjustment on this causes more inaccuracies. The engine specs are set for before and after ETH were fitted and the additional power that were available in the early years. All models can be set to consume fuel so be careful on your drives!

The model also has two power units that can be clearly seen as you would expect in the engine room! This is the only loco as far as I am aware that has this feature in freeware. The photo texture of the powerunit is of special interest. The picture was taken by myself around 2 o’clock one Sunday morning after just completing the conversion of a marine Deltic powerunit to a Rail traction unit. I was part of the team that undertook this ‘impossible’ modification as some experts had called it. The power unit replaced 55022′s defective unit, which failed on the Autumn Highlander. The replacement unit was from a naval fast patrol boat being restored at Penzance.

It is very important that the coaching stocks used with these Deltic models are slightly modified to the correct configuration as most coaches use a generic specification of a freight wagon. So if your Deltic won’t go above 80 mph its because you’re hauling a very heavy freight train disguised as a passenger train !! Please see the tips and tweaks page for this adjustment and other enhancements.

Tmz06003 who produced all the Deltic models has also modified and updated other types of locomotives over the years with permission from the original builders or built from scratch. Below is a very small range of locos from the class 01 shunter upwards! This excludes rolling stock and buildings which amounts to over 1,500 models.

tmz06003 would like to thank the various content creators in the Trainz community for allowing him to rework and enhance their original assets, in particular a special thanks to Gary (Greeni) for his invaluable help and advice that made many of these possible.

There is a small army of loco builders out there who spend all their spare time producing new locomotives so do keep an eye on the DLS. You may find some rare machine, which at long last you will be able to drive on the ECML.

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