Severn Valley Railway gala

A reminder that tomorrow (Saturday 4th October) is the third and final day of the Severn Valley Railway’s Diesel Gala, which brings with it the chance to ride behind 55019 ‘ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER’ on its last booked working at the SVR following its 2014 visit, and also the opportunity to ride behind D9009 ‘ALYCIDON’ as well. The two locos are expected to depart for the ELR on Wednesday 8th October (confirmation and timings to follow).

The booked workings at the SVR tomorrow are:

D9009: 09.10 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 12.06 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster, 16.11 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 18.25 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster.
55019: 11.05 Kidderminster-Bewdley, 11.56 Bewdley-Kidderminster, 12.59 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 16.06 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster, 18.25 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, 20.20 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster.

The DPS Sales Stand is located on the concourse at Kidderminster, Darrell and the team will be delighted to see you.IMG_0053

The picture above shows 55019 at the gala earlier today, waiting to depart Kidderminster with the 09.55 for Bridgnorth.

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